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Take a look at the top lava lamp designs

Tom Dixon’s Lava Lamp is a stunning piece of art.

With a charming appearance, there are scorching sparks hidden within the light.

The artwork inside is breathtaking.


Tom Dixon “Lava Lamp”

Melt Series “Lava Lamp”

It’s being created by Tom Dixon

The iconic lighting series.

Modern lighting that is a perfect blend of elegance as well as mystery and fantasy

Many lava lamps of various sizes fell at random

Create a weird and wonderful world

The universe is like a galaxy of planets that don’t interfere with eachother.

Surrounded by, telling mysterious stories

The hues of the Melt series “Lava Lamp” can be divided into:

Copper, brass, silver

The “lava lamp” not only heats the space however, it also enhances the view.

Shadow and light echo through the space, like flowing lava

Create a lively and captivating effect

While in it, it appears that time and perception are interconnected.

Great graphics and cool colors to give you the best experience

The past seems to have gone from this dream world


Melt series “Lava Lamp”


The Melt series is the result of a partnership between Tom Dixon and

Together with Swedish design collective FRONT

The idea behind organic and natural lighting objects

Use-d for vacuum metalization and blow molding

In the field of science and technology advanced experiments are carried out

by its distorting spherical appearance and its melting effect

Make a visual experience that is almost mystical

Form it into an irregular shape

Like the inside of a melting Iceberg

Because of the Melt series “Lava Lamp”

The technological process has been refined to the level of semi-metalized surface

It produces amazing optical effects.

Light that illuminates and enhances its surroundings

Designer Tom Dixon will

Polycarbonate serves as the body of the lamp

Combining the flow state during melting to form

An irregular spherical lampshade

Decorated with gold and red copper

There are metal opaque balls that appear when light is turned off.

Tom Dixon’s work is characterized by an industrial-modern style.

The metallic surface inside the is reflective of light that is switched on

Reflected light reflected from the golden ball

Redesign your home to create a the new space you want to live in.

The search for wonder beauty, beauty and wonder


Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon brand was found-ed in 2002

British design genius Tom Dixon (Tom Dixon)

and David Begg

Co-founded furniture brand with the identical name

Tom Dixon is a designer who focuses on technology, the environment and materials.

Combine the best of aesthetics and lifestyle and cutting-edge technology.

Simple shapes with a technological and industrial look

In order to perfectly restore the Melt series

The most vivid element of “Lava Lamp”

Tom Dixon in “Glass Blowing

Check out the dynamic interaction of fire and light during the process

As it melts at a high temperature

Stop glass liquefies soft side

The moment when the glass cools, it forms and is captured.

Bring this beauty into lighting designs

Create classic, low-key luxury lighting.

The Value of a Lamp

The family’s need for assistance does not reflect in the manner in which they are treated.

It’s like the icing on the cake home

The lighting you have in your home is distinct from other lamps.

The Melt series “Best Lava Lamps” will be lit up

Like several blazing flames

In the air floating Amazing visual effects

Different light sources are required for different lighting requirements in the home

But its light can be reflective in all areas of the home.

The sense of environment that draws us into it is an experience that many people cannot achieve.