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The advantage of choose crystal chandelier is that it has a very good decorative effect

Even if you do not turn on the lights.

The disadvantage is that cleaning is more troublesome.

When purchasing crystal chandeliers the most important consideration is to ensure that they are easy to clean.

The key factors to consider when buying are:

1: First,

Find out if the crystal pendants that are attached to the chandelier come from China or another country. The price difference between the two is huge, several times as much.

2: If it comes from other countries,

It must be made from Swarovski or Asfa Crystals, both from Austria. The difference in price between the two can be as much as ten or more times.

3: If it is Chinese crystal,

You will need to check if the cutting edge of the crystal is rounded or sharp. The rounded one is not valuable. Only when the cutting lines are clear will there be good light refraction effect.

The light holder will normally be electroplated.

It depends on whether there are any defects on the overall electroplat-ed surface.

5: It is also very important to

Make sure the rings and needles that are used to hang crystals are made of stainless steel. This can be directly test-ed with a magnet. If it is not ma-de of stainless steel, it will rust easily, which is very embarrassing.

It is best to buy a Chinese brand, such as J@s Lighting, regardless of what you are buying.

which has a basic quality guarantee.

How can you choose a crystal chandelier that is more reliable for your living room?

Many consumers love and purchase crystal lamps because they bring elegance, style and luxury to a space.

The development of optical fiber and diode technology has made crystal lamps smaller and lighter,

Making them suitable for modern home decor.

Crystal cutting technology has also developed.

Crystal lamps are becoming more compact. Their modern lines, dreamy colors and ultra-modern shapes will be a focal point in modern rooms.

With the advancement and development of these technologies,

crystal lamps still occupy a very important position in the market and are still favor-ed by consumers.

Selecting crystals

Crystals can be divided into four main categories: natural crystals, synthetic crystals, molten (also known as smelted) crystal and K9 crystal.

There are few natural crystal lights on the market.

so I won’t introduce too much about natural crystals here.

Synthetic crystal, also called regenerated crystal, is a single crystal, also known as synthetic crystal and piezoelectric crystal.

Regenerated crystal uses a hydrothermal crystallization method to “imitate the growth process of natural crystal”,

placing natural silicon ore and some chemicals in an autoclave, and gradually cultivating it over a period of 1-3 months (for different crystals).

Its chemical composition, molecular structure, optical properties, mechanical and electrical properties are exactly the same as those of natural crystal. However, in terms of birefringence and polarization, regenerated crystal is purer and has better color than natural crystal. After processing (cutting grinding and polishing), the various particles are crystal clear, dazzling wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant.

Smelted crystal is called synthetic crystal on the market, but that is actually inaccurate.

Crystal waste is used as a raw material for smelting.

Smelted at high temperatures and pressures, then crystallized and frozen.

It does not have the crystalline properties of crystal, so it cannot be confused with this,

but it is resistant to high temperatures, so it can be made into crystal cups, baking sheets, tea sets, etc.

K9 crystal is also called K9 glass imitation crystal. Some people also call it synthetic glass, which is wronger.

Although K9 glass is also smelted with silica as the main raw material,

In the melting process, 24% of lead is added. Lead glass is made by smelting 24% lead.

Why add lead to glass? Generally, glass turns blue or green and does not look like crystal. After adding lead to the glass, however, it becomes very white and looks like crystal. Particularly K9 glass (which contains 24%) is the most similar to crystal. appropriate.

Synthetic crystals are often used in the production of high-end lighting. Swarovski is the most famous brand. Crystals are used in Baohui Lighting crystal lamps.

We can see with the naked eye that the colors reflected by this high-end synthetic crystal are colorful and impurity-free,

and there will be laser markings on each crystal.

The smelted crystal can have tiny bubbles.

Or fluffy textures to mimic natural crystal.

The essence of K9 imitation glass crystal is still glass. Crystal medals, lamps, photo frames, and crystal photo frames are all common products. Therefore, K9 crystal is the most common in lighting products. It is usually pure white, and it does not reflect any color light. Lord.

How to choose crystal chandeliers for your living room?

1.Consider home space

You need to select living room crystal lamps in different sizes.

according to the area and floor height of the living room.

For crystal chandeliers to hang, the living room floor height must be greater than 3.3 metres.

Otherwise, just use crystal ceiling lamps. If the living room area is less than 20 square meters, choose a single-head or three-head living room crystal lamp.

If the living room area is between 20 and 30 square meters,

you can choose 5 to 8 living room crystal lamps.

If you have a larger area than 30 square metres, then you can select 10 heads.

If the floor height exceeds 4 meters in addition to the crystal lamps above,

You can also select a double-layer chandelier.

This double-layer crystal chandelier with 10+5 heads for the living area is luxurious.

Understand the price of lamps

Let’s look at the quality of the crystal lamp again. The origin and purity of the crystal are the main factors causing the price difference.

Crystal is actually a type of glass, a purified product that has different transparency according to its lead content,

so the price There is a difference.

The higher the lead content, the better the transparency.

Therefore, when purchasing a crystal lamp, you must carefully identify the quality of the crystal lamp

Crystal is a transparent and crisp material.

Of course, the lamp holder of the crystal lamp is also a factor that causes the price difference.

The most expensive lamp holder in the world is made of copper. It is usually equipp-ed with K9 crystal lamp, and the price is more than 5,000.

The wrought-iron lamp holder costs less.

The lamp with K9 Crystal is available for as little as 2,000.

Crystal lamps made from glass tubes can also be a great choice. They are also very affordable.

3.Identify brand standards

There are a lot of lighting brands available today.

The quality and prices of crystal chandeliers can vary widely between brands.

Famous lighting brands will have reliable quality assurance and generally have their own brand logo engraved on each crystal finish.

There are some unscrupulous sellers who work hard to make crystal chandeliers look good.

The imitation crystal chandeliers are almost comparable to famous brand lighting. However, besides the gold and jade, the bad products will be reflect-ed one by one in the future use process.

To avoid confusion, consumers must check the brand name when selecting a crystal chandelier.

Keep your eyes open to find out what you like.

4.Identify crystal pendants

The pendant specifications of the crystal chandelier must match each other.

The reason why the crystal chandelier can bloom with dazzling light and show a gorgeous and noble temperament has a lot to do with its strings of crystal clear pendants.

The crystal pendants may be different in size and shape.

the appearance will definitely affect the overall beauty of the crystal chandelier.

It is also important to pay attention to the crystal ball of the crystal chandelier.

If the crystal ball is cracked, has bubbles or impurities.

Only the crystal ball in crystal clear can create the brightest living atmosphere and the best light reflection.

3.How to identify the quality of crystal lamps


If the weight is too light, it must be fake.

This will exclude counterfeit products like glass, plastic and pressed particles.

There are now many cultured stones on the market. Their weight is nearly the same as natural crystals.

It is not easy to find the authenticity by trying it by hand.

2.Refractive index:

Crystals are often viewed under light.

In that case, they cannot judge the authenticity of the crystal and can only look at the grade of the crystal,

because crystal has a high refractive index.

We can put the crystal in a relatively dark place.

The color of the natural crystal will be very bright, while the color of the cultured crystal will be darker,

lacking a sense of “spirit” and only having a slight brightness.


Cultured crystals and natural gem-level crystals have one thing in common,

that is, the crystals are extremely transparent, with almost no stone grain.

However, the price is very different. The crystals in the hand beads are usually transparent and cut into surfaces.

The price is not excessive, and the transparency is good.

If it’s a real natural stone, then yes.

the price must be more than one hundred yuan, depending on the size of the crystal.

4.Color difference:

Natural crystal is a mixture of colors. It is impossible for every part of a natural crystal to be uniform in color. For example, citrine, there are very few natural citrines on the market.

Natural citrine can be identifi-ed when place-d in water. Natural citrine is a varying color in water.

Usually the color of one piece of citrine radiates to the entire crystal and is yellow. The color of the crystals is uniform when they are cultivated.

5.Inner packaging:

It will not be a fake if the inner packaging is authentic.

so you can be absolutely assur-ed when buying crystals with inner contents such as hair crystals and ghosts,

because forging such things is very costly and laborious, and the results are easy to produce.

Being seen through-out.

6.Indicator measurement:

Crystals can be divided into K5/K8/K9 – K9 is of course the best.

K9 crystal is also call-ed K9 glass, which can also generally refer to glass products ma-de of K9 material.

It is use-d in optical coating and other fields, and the price per kilogram is 10-15 yuan. The transmittance, refractive effect, hardness and texture are much higher than those of resin materials. Molding can be divided into four main processes: pressure casting (pressure casting), cutting, grinding, and polishing. K9 material is optical glass, crystal clear.


Crystals with patterns of stone are not fake. They feel cool and have a nice shine. You must look for domestic crystal before you choose any other type of crystal.

secondly, look at the craftsmanship of the crystal lamp and the material of the metal frame; and then look at the price range.

Of course, the price fluctuates greatly.

The price difference is enormous because the quality of domestic crystals are not as high as imported crystals.

According to relevant experts, the prices of crystal chandelier lamps on the market are relatively high.

In China, the price of crystal lamps that have a diameter around 1 meter ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 yuan. However, in Egypt they cost between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan.

When choosing crystal lamps for your living room, you should consider the following.

1.Different choices for different situations

If you are buying crystal lamps, make sure that the size and shape of the lamp is based on your space.

Industry insiders pointed out that according to space requirements, a crystal lamp with a diameter of about 1 meter should be select-ed for a living room of 20 square meters to 30 square meters.

Choose according to the different rooms and families: Many double-room families use the living room mainly, so they use beautiful and atmospheric ceilings as well as pendant crystal lamps.

Some young people, or newlyweds, may choose to decorate their bedroom with a multi-pendant, wall-mounted, crystal lamp that is delicate, charming and warm in tone.

If you’re looking to install a chandelier in your kitchen, you could install a pendant lamp that is energy-saving while also reflecting a warm lifestyle.

2.Be sure to identify the brand to avoid confusion.

Nowadays, most crystal lamps on the market start at a thousand yuan. Crystal chandelier lamps of different brands are similar in appearance.

Some manufacturers are only interested in superficial results.

They install high-quality lamp beads on the periphery or obvious places of larger crystal lamps, while shoddy products are use-d on the inner layer or hidden parts of the lighting.

They look very similar to famous brands of lighting.

With the same appearance, people usually choose lower-priced ones. As everyone knows, those goods are gold and jade on the outside but ruined on the inside.

As time passed, various problems appeared one after another.

People must choose with care and keep an open mind.

3.Pay attention to whether the color is durable

Crystal lamps are also different in their service life.

The quality difference between low-end and high end is quite obvious, even though the difference is not very noticeable.

When consumers buy crystal lamps, they should first look at its colorful effect, and then look at its gold-plated layer. High-end metal accessories tend to be electroplated with 24K gold.

The color of this gold-plated light won’t change for many years. Rusty and low-end lights can’t achieve the same effect, and they will lose their original colour in just two to three months.

After a certain period, low-end crystal lamp brackets and their color will change. High-end crystal lamp color will not change for at least two or three years.

The key to the shining crystal ball is its brightness

The reason why crystal lamps can shine brightly is mainly due to the purity and cutting surface of the crystal ball and the lead content.

Therefore, consumers should check whether the crystal ball has cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities when purchasing.

Only crystal clear crystal balls can exert the best optical performance, allowing the light passing through to refract magnificent colors. ;

The cutting surface of the crystal ball depends on whether it is smooth and has clear edges and corners, so as to achieve the best refraction effect of the crystal ball;

and in terms of lead content, generally high-quality crystal balls will use full lead crystal , the lead oxide content is no less than 30%, which is the purest raw material and can emit bright colors.

Crystal lamps are a great way to add a touch of elegance and sparkle to any room.

The crystal lamp’s angular, bright, smooth cutting surface will eventually accumulate dust. This will weaken its refractive index, and it will lose the style of its previous design.

How can we restore it to its former glory then?

Don’t worry, general crystal lamp lighting shops will have dedicated cleaning personnel. There are professionals who will clean your crystal lamp for you.

The price varies depending on the number crystal balls. The price ranges between 30 and 50 yuan.

You can clean it yourself if you don’t want to pay for it.

Here are two methods to introduce to you: First, clean with kerosene.

After removing the crystals, soak them in kerosene. Then, wipe the surface gently with a toothbrush. Once the dirt on the surface has softened up, use washing powder to scrub the surface.

Spray a special cleaning agent on the surface of the crystal lighting, so that the floating dust on the crystal ball or crystal piece will be take-n away as the liquid evaporates, which is simple, effective, quick and easy.