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Here are four easy steps to make your own blue and Green lava lamps.

1.Gather Materials:

A clear glass container (such as a vase or Jar),

The water, the vegetable oil, blue and green food coloring, as along with Alka-Seltzer tablets, any effervescent tablet and an optional glitter are required to complete this step.

Fill Your Container:

In a glass jar put vegetable oil in until it is about three-quarters full. Then leave a room at the top.

Add several drops of blue and green food color into a different container.

Slowly pour colored water into a glass container that is filled with oil. When it reaches the bottom of the container, it will begin to mix with it and produce a separation effect.

Add Effervescent Tablets

To add effervescent tablets of Alka-Seltzer, break the tablet into smaller fragments and drop them in oil. Be sure to watch them fall into the water until they reach the bottom.

Take a break and relax while watching the show:

To display a longer time further Alka-Seltzer tablets could be added if desired to increase the speed of reaction and ensure that reactions are on track.

To get your desired result, experiment with different combinations of food colors and alter the quantity of Alka-Seltzer tablet accordingly.

Avoid inhaling the fumes or drinking the tablets in error.

Make sure your container is stable, so that it does not tip over. Enjoy creating your personal lava lamp!