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LED Strip Lights for Commercial and Residential Use

Flexfire LEDs are a hit because of their low energy usage and bright brightness, however they also have a lot to do due their compact size.

Bartenders and homeowners and architects

As we’ve seen the LED light strip can be utilized in a variety of different ways. It is possible to find the ideal light strips, regardless of whether you are looking for color-changing LEDs or static white.

We provide the most comprehensive guarantee in the LED industry.

Our LEDs are designed to give the best brightness as well as color rendering and uniformity (high CRI as high as 99).

After you’ve experienced the Flexfire Difference, you won’t ever want to return to another lighting provider. Here are a few of our options for LED strips.

Are you a novice to LEDs and technology? Which LED strip light is the best choice for your project?

What are the best LED strips available?

It was not easy to create the most efficient LED strip lights available.

The desire for passion drove the decision to create a lighting system that could be “set and forget”.

It is important to think about the quality of the components, as well as the selection of the phosphor, heat dissipation and color rendering when designing an LED. Additionally, you must take into consideration durability, brightness, and time to run.

We don’t just want perfection, we demand it.

From the most lavish hotels from the most luxurious resorts, NASA’s prototyping and testing labs to your own kitchen, we promise quality and satisfaction.

We are trusted by a variety of homeowners and brands for the lighting of their most private areas.

Material Qualitative

Flexible LED strips are made up of high-quality LED chips and a PCB that has excellent thermal performance. They are also subject to a rigorous quality control process. Our strip lights are certified by UL.

Customer Service

From big architectural projects to small kitchen renovations We’re here to help you. We’ll collaborate with you on the design of your project, as well as product selection, quotation and suggestions. All products are delivered securely via California to the USA.

The Performance

Our LED strips feature the highest CRI of all LEDs on the market. The LED strips are suitable for a variety of different purposes.