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It is worth looking into some low-cost and top-quality power sockets.

1.GN-B3440 Socket

GN-B3440 socket

Product Highlights

The size of the wire core has been increased to 1 square millimeter. It is more efficient at conducting electricity and produces less heat. It can handle currents up to 8A, and power around 1KW.

The product is also flame-resistant in extreme temperatures. The whole body is made of PP that is flame resistant, that has been tested and passed the 750 degree glowing wire test.

Door for safety “upgraded”: equivalent to a weight of 7.5KG The 75N pressure will stop children from accidentally putting the Jack.

The meshing technology that is made up of high-quality copper sheets, and copper strips creates a structure that is elastic and has strong elastic properties,and will not break even after 5,000 pull-and-plug operations.

Full length: 1.8M Maximum power: 2500W

2.J&S lighting GN-B2080

J&S lightingGN-B2080 socket

The Product’s Highlights:

The socket is comparable in terms of performance in terms of quality to J&S Lighting GN B3440. Its length total is three meters. This cord is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for an extended cord.

Track socket 3.GB1

GB1 track socket

Highlights of the Product

  • Track socket Surface-mounted Bull.
  • It’s the hottest thing in walls and kitchens: The surface is coated with anodization and then sandblasted. It can be used to house many electrical appliances.
  • The power track bus duct is able to handle up to 8000W of power.
  • Plug and Play: There’s no need to fret about power cords that are too short.
  • The outer ring is able to be gently turned without needing to take off the plug. Elegant power-off/off: Turn the ring’s outer edge to the left, by 18deg to shut off the power. The outer circle should be turned to the right at 18deg to turn on the power.
  • Utilize the hidden “zero-live wire” with confidence.
  • There is no risk of electric shock since the ground wire inside the 4.5mm track groove isn’t conductory.
  • The gap is small enough to stop foreign objects from accidentally being inserted.
  • Current rating 32A
  • Rated voltage 250V
  • Rated carrying power: 8000WMAX

Multi-function socket for fast charging 4.UU3653PD

UU3653 PDFast charging multi-function socket

Highlights of the Product

  • High-performance, compact power source of 65W.
  • The three ports are charged simultaneously to ensure a long battery longevity.
  • USB-C 65W MAX Output Around 1.68 hours to charge MacBook Pro
  • The storage plugs integrated into the system can be placed in a manner that doesn’t interfere with one another. Using an integrated 3-D structure 3 holes with flat sides and 2 USB C and 1 USB A are able to supply the power to several devices at once.
  • USB protection five-layer protection against overvoltage; Overcurrent Protection, Anti-Surge Protection Anti-Short Circuit Protection, as well as Anti-Static protection

The brands mentioned above have a good reputation and are assured. Of the brands mentioned above you can choose either one or two. Thanks!

I hope that you will enjoy the power socket I suggest. Leave a comment in case you have any questions regarding any of the products I suggest.