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There are many kinds of surface-mounted lights, such as rail-type surface-mounted downlights, ceiling-style downlights that are surface-mounted, hanging wire-type surface-mounted downlights, and so on.

What should I consider when choosing the right downlight for my home?

The quality of the downlight determines the quality of the lighting source, power supply stability in addition to the quality of the lamp shell, the ability to dissipate heat, spot effect, etc. The central light spot is clear, and the transition from the inside circle to the outside is natural.

The selection of the right downlights should be determined by the decor style, application scenarios such as house layout, use, etc. You can refer to the downlight purchase knowledge sharing.

Distance from the wall

Surface-mounted lights are usually 20-40cm away from the wall and the distance between several downlights is usually between 100 and 120cm. Additionally the angle of surface-mounted downlights can’t be adjusted, and is able to be positioned without opening holes.

2.Lighting purposes

Single-head downlights mounted on surfaces can be utilized for background wall lighting and auxiliary lighting, and multi-head ones can be used to create accent lighting.

Background wall lighting and auxiliary lighting for hallways, entryways, balcony, living area and bedroom. Also, staircase and foyer

The key areas of lighting include: main light for living room Main light for study

Color rendering index recommendations

The color rendering index is the real hue of an object which is restored using light. The higher the color rendering index, the more close an object’s color will be to its real color.

In general, the Color rendering index Ra>85 is able to fully meet the requirements of normal lighting for homes. You can choose the best scenario based on your own personal situation. .

Tips to prevent flashing

Glare generally is classified into two kinds that are direct glare and indirect glare.

Direct glare could also be classified into discomfort and disability glare.

Disabling glares are a light source that reflects directly onto your eyes and causes blurred vision.

Light sources that cause mental discomfort for people are called comfort glare. Simply put, installing many lamps with exposed lights in the room can easily create an emotional connection with the accessible entrance.

Reflections created by objects illuminated by light are known as indirect glare.

There are four major categories of anti-glare lamps: deep barrel anti-glare/large shading angle honeycomb anti-glare network and different shades of anti-glare shades.

Recommendations on downlight color temperatures for lighting basics

Living room Natural and warm light are recommended. Natural light is recommended for older rooms to meet lighting requirements.

Restaurants: Natural light is highly recommended. The selection will depend on whether the restaurant offers a family atmosphere.

Kitchen: Natural lighting is able to fulfill the needs of the kitchen. White light is an excellent option if your preference is brighter.

Bedroom: Warm light can help create a cozy environment that can aid in sleep.

Please note that the same hue temperature should be utilized within the same space to create a coordinated lighting effect. This will prevent eye discomfort.

6.Calculation of the wattage of a space

Here’s a general calculation formula to calculate the required total wattage for the space is space area divided by three. For instance the required wattage for a space of 10m2 is 10 three. This equals 30W. If you take the wattage of all your lamps, you’ll get about 30W. That’s it. If you’d like lighter or brighter spots, you can alter it either up or down within this range.

Note: To obtain the most accurate outcomes, you can employ lighting design software to create false color maps of light to simulate the scene.

7.Suggestions for Blu-ray discs and video flashing

The blue light wave peak is mainly connected to the color temperature. In general, lowering temperature is a good way to decrease the risk of it. Due to the popularity of the constant current drive power supply video flashless has become the norm, and there’s no need to be concerned about it.

These suggestions can be used to help you when shopping. In the next section, I will give you some pictures online for your reference only.

surface mounted downlights are used to increase the height of the floor, without relying on the ceiling. While at the same time, they do not want to degrade the artistic lighting effect.

This means that more demands are placed on the surface-mounted downlight itself: the lamp body is slim, its appearance is fashionable and the light quality is top-quality.

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