A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your Chandelier

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The chandeliers of today aren’t justust fixtures for lighting,

but they are also interior decorations, and the installation of a chandelier isn’t as simple.

This is why J&S lighting furniture installers recorded the entire procedure of installing chandeliers so that people who wish to install chandeliers can learn!

Unpack the box and examine the components according to the instructions.

Chandeliers aren’t just decorative lighting. They also incorporate numerous accessories.

It’s not very familiar. Installers who are new can test for the correctness of the components in accordance with the installation instructions of the bulb.

If you are unable to locate the correct location, you should contact the seller in time.

If the host of the lighting installation is not packed, the client must be present. installation can only be confirmed if there are no problems with the lighting.

2.Installation of chandelier

Assemble the lamp’s body and the surrounding lamp arms (where you will install the lamp).

After disassembling the light strip as illustrated in the photo above, you will be able to determine where the arms of the light can be attached.

After connecting the lamp arms The lamp arms should be fixedone one at a time using a wrench. After installation the lamp arms require to be distributed evenly otherwise the installation will be complete. The chandelier is tilted towards the heavier side of the arm.

3.Connect the various wires on the lamp arm correctly. Do not connect the wrong wire. If, however, the light bulb is connected then it’s discovered that one of the light arms fails to light up and needs to be removed to perform maintenance.

4.Installed the slings and slings for the lamp body and chandelier. At this point the chandelier has been put together and the base (i.e. The top plate is installed.

Install the ceiling light holder to the location you prefer for installation.

Installation is very similar to that of a ceiling lamp. Put the lamp holder in the hole and pull it out. Next, use a drill drill the hole. Fix the lamp holder.

6.Connect the power supply used for the ceiling to the power supply for the chandelier.

7.Then adjust the assembly height of the chandelier. Then assemble the accessories (glass bowl and shell) above the arm.

Place the cover with a decorative design that is the cover on the bottom, and start the power supply test to check whether it is running.

There are a few other aspects you should be aware of:

Fix chandelier on ceiling hole

The first step of installing a chandelier is integrated. Install a metal sheet on the ceiling. Then, fix several protruding braces to the backside of the LED panel light. Finally, insert the chandelier on the bracket that is compatible with the metal sheet slot. It is able to be attached to the ceiling. However, due to the differing dimensions of the ceiling the ceiling’s height between the ceiling and the light’s surface needs to be adjusted, otherwise the LED panel light may be lower or higher than the ceiling surface after installation.

The second installation method is fixed: first install the screws on the ceiling. Then move the light fixture intothe ceiling frame and then mount it on the ceiling to fix the three sides. The panel light is placed into the slide-in fixed mounting frame. The final side is attached to the frame with screws. Convenient and simple.

Wire hanging is a third type of installation. It involves fixing the installation part for the hanging wire on the ceiling, and lock the screws. (The hanging wire was fabricated in the factory. The wire hanging is vertical and the parts are suspended from the back LED panel lighting. It is simple to install and can be saved. Ask the consumer whether they’d like to purchase standard or optional suspension components.

Installation Precautions

  1. This product runs on standard voltage. It is recommended to not over-do the range of working voltage;
  2. Before installing, make sure that the power has been shut off.
  3. Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing the product.
  4. Be sure to look for the following: shockproof, waterproof, and electricity-proof;
  5. This product should only be employed indoors.

How do you set up a chandelier with a ceiling connection?

  1. Decorate the device for connection on iron or wooden blocks to adjust the error of the chandelier according to the errors. It can be done with nails, screws or a combination of them. Once you have completed these steps, the chandelier installation should be almost done.
  2. Consider the height of installation of the chandelier within the living room as an example, choose the installation position of the chandelier to avoid embedded wires in ceilings;
  3. Embed the decorative materials in the structural layer. Accurately embed the position and hold certain locations of the chandelier for adjusting;
  4. You will need to connect slings, booms and connecting devices.

The final aspect

It is not recommended to put chandeliers in normal commercial houses, especially those with low floor heights.

The majority of chandeliers available produce light upwards. It is recommended that you pair them with spotlights or downlights in order to create the traditional ceiling style.

GU10 light bulbs are used in a variety of chandeliers. They’re strong, but they are also vulnerable to breaking. The traditional E27 or E14 requires a larger lampshade and lamp head which is a bit low.

It is recommended to install a chandelier, which is both practical and easy to use. Of course, it will also adjust the light and temperature of the color.