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The selection of led strip lights in South Africa is an important home decor issue that can’t be left unattended.

It’s a design element which enhances the ambience of a home. A stunning home needs it to be a part of the overall design.

How to choose a led strip light in South Africa? Light strip recommendations How to install light strips?

How much will an ounce of light strip cost? what is the best way to install it?

You may ask yourself these questions when choosing a light strip. This article could help ease your concerns about your choice of light strips.

We’ll examine the dimensions of a light strip in order to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Qing Qing Yulu is an businessman who has been in the business of lighting for the past 10 years. I hope that by using my simple words, I can help everyone effortlessly choose the lighting they love.

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1.Why do we need to purchase light strips?

Let’s first look at some pictures. We are able to see the effects caused by the light strips on the images.

Image 1: To illuminate the ceiling, a light strip is positioned around it. Are you concerned that the height of your living space is too high?

Figures 2 and 3 show examples of how light strips may be used to highlight the lines and warmth in a home.

Are you interested in finding out which kind of light strip is used when you see these ambient lights? Don’t worry! I will tell you slowly. . .

The purpose of light strips are well-known. You’ve already guessed. In reality there are two kinds:

Intensify the atmosphere

Bring a sense to line!

  1. What are the common types of light strips on the market?
  2. Traditional light strip type – T5

Let me start by telling you about the products from the antiquated times.

As a veteran of the lighting industry I’m sure a few of my colleagues haven’t heard of these products, but we too have had the pleasure of using them.

However, this doesn’t mean that the products aren’t excellent, they’re just to keep up with the times.

The requirements change and are discovered.

This type of T5 integrated LED light tube comes with certain advantages. For instance, the light beam is more uniform when installed in the light trough.

The drawback is that the dimensions of the lamp are fixe-d and requires careful calculation. In addition, the lamp joints are prone to shadows.

  1. Light strip of traditional design – T4 lamp tube

There is nothing good to say about this type of lamp. The earlier lamps were thought to be very traditional but they do not be classified as traditional lamps.

If you’re more interested in these lamp strips, you can check out the articles I wrote before:

This article introduces traditional light sources in more in depth. It’s to notify everyone that T4 lamps tubes aren’t available. !

Light strips —- soft light strips

Flexible light strips are divided into two categories: high voltage and low-voltage. This article will discuss the high-voltage light stripes, and then we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of high voltage light strips and light strips with low voltage.

3.1 High-volt light strip

It is categorized mainly by the amount of lamp beads. On the image it is evident that certain lamp beads are heavier and others are less dense.

This is reflected in the price. These strips are primarily used in indoor areas.

Light strip 3.2 silicone

Shadow-free silicone light strips is what we call them.

These light strips are mostly use-d outdoors and are particularly effective in delivering waterproof effects.

Let’s take a look first.

Scenarios used:

Light strip connectors are required for all high-voltage lighting strips.

How many of the specific light strip connectors are need-ed?

Check with your electrician on the spot for a list.

Low voltage strip light that is specific main light for it that’s not

Low-voltage lighting strips 4.1

Voltage points: Low-voltage light strips can be divided into 12V and 24V voltages. The voltage doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the light strip.

The number of lamp beads varies between 60 120, 60, and 240. The more bright the lamp, the more lamp beads there are.

Power rating: 6W/meter. 10W/meter

Electronic ballasts are required for low-voltage lighting strips.

The two primary types of ballasts include 24-volt and 12V. The majority of them are 12V.

4.2 Scenario applicaion o led strip low-voltage lights south Africa

4.2.1 Application of cabinet

The cabinet uses 6.8W-15W 12V voltage low-voltage light strips, directly using strip lights that are bare and acrylic masks with aluminum.

Light strip: 6.8W-15w 12V

Color temperature: 3000K

Aluminum slot: 1.6*1.6cm

Note: The low voltage light strip can be purchased with the power supply. If your light strip’s voltage is 12 volts, you’ll need a power supply with 12 volts.

The aluminum trough is able to be purchased separately

The width of light strips must be greater than the thickness of the aluminum trough.

The light strip will not fit in the aluminium trough.

If the length of Xiao’s light strip is 0.8cm then the low voltage lamp on the belt has 6.8 Watts/meter. I also bought 10 meters.

The power supply should be 12V.

The power supply should be between 100-120W.

the width of the aluminum material to be bought is 1.5CM.

4.2.2 Application of suspended ceilings

The application of suspended ceilings is mainly the linear lighting that has become widely used in the last two years. They are the combination of aluminum trough and acrylic mask + low-voltage light strip.

Let’s examine the picture case first to help you understand it better.

Ceiling chandeliers are simple. Ceiling chandeliers are very easy to use.

Magnetic track lights are a popular house decor element this year.

The most significant led strip lights in South Africa are linear light.

Designers, I would recommend this type of lamp since its lines are gorgeous and attractive.