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Are you familiar with LED 12 volt lights?

Are you aware of three key facts about it?

Can LED lights be run using a 12V battery?

Yes you can run LED lights using 12V batteries.

A variety of LED light fixtures and stripe are ma-de to operate using 12V DC sources of power (direct current) like batteries.

They are a great option in a variety of situations when mains power isn’t accessible or is not suitable.

For instance, in cars remote locations, for example, or off-grid facilities.

Don’t use LED 12V lights unless they’re compatible with your battery 12V.

Take into consideration factors like the current draw, battery capacity and the wiring to ensure the best performance.

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What is the best way to connect LED lights with 12 volts to batteries?

How do you connect an LED light 12V to a battery?

The positive (+) terminal must be connect-ed to the positive terminal of the battery and the terminal for the negative () terminal should be connect-ed to the negative terminal.

Make sure you use the right gauge wires to ensure a safe and secure connection.

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How long can an LED be power-ed with a 12V cell?

The specifications of the LED, along with the battery’s capacity to power, determine the length of a battery’s ability to operate an LED.

LEDs are typically low-power devices and their power consumption can range between milliwatts to a few Watts.

If we suppose that a normal LED needs 20 milliamps of power at 12V (0.24 Watts),

In a typical 50 Ampere Hours (Ah) car battery can run for up to 2500 hours. (50 Ah/0.02 A = 2500 hours).

The actual duration of runtime is affect-ed by factors like the efficiency of the battery, temperature, and the condition of the battery.

Calculate the precisepower used by the LED and also consider the characteristics of discharge for batteries.