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Domestic high-looking, relatively niche lamps

1.J&S Lighting

This store isn’t a niche. It is well-known in the home chandelier light, so I will be the first to mention it.

A relatively old lighting store from China. The store has a variety of styles that are not easy to match.

It is a very strong piece of design. The main reason is that the price is affordable, ranging from 100-1000.

If you have a limited budget and like Nordic style chandelier light, you can pay more attention to his home.

2.Kaideng Gezhi Furniture

This store is a good choice if you are looking for a modern, minimalist or industrial style. Lighting fixtures are conceptually and purely designed.

The price range ranges from 200 to 3,000. Table lamps are mostly around 300. As accessories, it is easy to achieve the finishing touch.


Traditional culture has been mentioned in recent years, and national trends have become a popular element.

Lighting is no different. Leedarson’s founder wants to take traditional Chinese culture as a starting point and create a modern chandelier with traditional Chinese charm.

Like a grain or cloud of rice, the representative work-Mi Lai Series takes you to the rice field, the stream, the moon.

The design of the Thousand Miles Series was inspired by telescopes used in astronomy. The lampshade mimics a flying posture, creating a feeling of movement even in stillness.

4.Art Palace Lighting

If Leedarson has a bit of modern light luxury, then Yi Palace is more suitable for ancient Zen-style occasions.

Incorporate the freehand painting techniques used in landscapes into the design of your chandelier. Use brass as a lamp stand, a bird, a flower, and a dead tree. Place it at home and add a little embellishment to create a scene of its own.

However, Yi Gong does not have an online store. Check to see if a store is located in your locality.

Ancient warehouse mooore

This brass lamp is sure to capture the attention of anyone who enjoys American retro-styled homes.

Brass lighting will not rust, dull or become worn out over time. Brass’ properties remain stable for 10 or 20 years. It has a texture that is timeless, even if it’s oxidized.

If you like hardcore industrial style, don’t miss it. If you are a cool guy, the all-aluminum industrial style table lamp is worth owning!

6.Axis Year

This one is similar in style to Zhonggucang, but with the addition of walnut wood, the texture is gentler and more suitable for study rooms, tea rooms, etc., creating quiet and soft light.

The store sells small accessories like door handles and coat hangers individually. They are all made to a high standard.

Hey, decorating isn’t easy! You can find out the price and features of friends’ products if you save money. Just click into the group to compare!

Click on the link below to access the group entrance!

2.Design models of popular brands

Brands like NVC, J&S Lighting Philips, Panasonic etc., should be the first choice for ordinary people. Ordinary people should make the first choice. Online flagship stores can buy chandelier light fixtures for a room for two to three thousand yuan.

It has also caused a misinterpretation: people buy big brands because they have after-sales and quality assurances that are easy to understand. As for aesthetics, some are the icing on the cake, and if you don’t have them, don’t force them.

It is recommended to go to offline physical stores of big lighting brands to browse and have a look. Many brands are visually appealing.

NVC Lighting

There is a chandelier design, and the simple shape has a touch of light luxury, which is exquisite~

8.Panasonic Lighting

Japanese aesthetics, low-key and restrained styling, “not overpowering the guest”, and simple decoration styles (modern, Nordic, Japanese) can be matched.


Xiaomi had a client who installed Yeelight Blue Sky Light because he has a secret security guard at home. It has a great effect. It simulates sunlight during the day and moonlight at night, as if a beam of skylight is slanting down. The secret guard will be thrilled to hear this. !

Here are some more big names from around the world (original versions of internet celebrities copycats).

10.Artemide Lighting[(Italy)]

Friends who are engaged in interior design should be familiar with it. This is a well-known Italian lighting manufacturer established in 1960. Almost every lamp is created in collaboration with the world’s top design masters, and it occupies a very important position in the European lighting industry.

Do you think his stuff looks familiar? It has been copied too many times.

The mushroom table lamp that represents the brand is made from an aluminum base with a glass shade, which has a very clear appearance.

The blown glass scrap rate of this table lamp will be as high as 20-30%. People will not hesitate to buy a table lamp that gives them a beautiful and luxurious feeling.

Artemide has been at the forefront of the world’s lighting design in any era, and many of its products are permanently collected by famous art museums around the world.

11.Foscarini Lighting[(Italy)]

Everyone should be familiar with the floor lamp in the picture below. Many Internet celebrity lighting stores have its shadow. Foscarini Lighting was its original name.

This is a Venetian Italian brand founded in 1981, and many classic modern lamps can be traced back to it.

As a modern style floor lamp, its arched lines and shade shape seem to be a harmonious unity of strength and beauty.

Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to create an atmosphere that is uniquely yours!

12.Louis Poulsen[(Denmark)]

It is the oldest international brand in Italy. It was establish-ed in 1874. It is the big brother of modern Nordic lamps and a classic among classics. Each lamp is an original work of art.

The PH series, the legendary masterpiece that lets you “see the Light but Not the Light”, is so well-known on the market that it has many imitations.

How to install a Chandelier

Today’s chandeliers are not just a lighting fixture, but they are also interior decorations, and the installation of various chandeliers is not that easy. J&S Lighting’s furniture installers recorded the installation of chandeliers so that anyone who wants to learn how can do it!

  1. Open the package, and check the parts as per the instructions.

Because chandeliers are lighting fixtures and decorative lights, they also contain many accessories. It’s not very familiar. New installers can check the parts according to the bulb’s installation instructions. If you find the wrong place, you can contact the merchant in time.

The customer must be in attendance when the lighting host is unpacked. Installation can only be guaranteed if the lighting does not have any problems.

Installation of chandelier

Assemble the lamp body and surrounding lamp arms.

After disassembling the body strip, as shown on the image above, you will be able to see the location where the arms of the lights can be connected.

After connecting the lamp arms, the lamp arms must be fix-ed one by one with a wrench.

After installation, the lamp arms need to be evenly distribut-ed, otherwise the installation is complete. The chandelier will be tilt-ed towards the heavier side of the arm.

3.Connect the various wires on the lamp arm correctly. Don’t connect the wrong one.

Otherwise, if a light bulb is installe-d, it is foun-d that one of the light arms does not light up and needs to be remove-d for maintenance.

Installed the slings for the lamp body.

The chandelier is now essentially assembled. top plate) is install-ed.

5.Install the ceiling lamp holder at the determined installation position. The installation method is similar to that of a ceiling lamp. First, press the lamp holder on the hole to pull out the hole, then use a drill to drill and install the expansion screw. Fix the lamp holder.

Connect the main power supply for the ceiling to a chandelier power supply.

7.Then adjust the assembly height of the chandelier and assemble the accessories (glass bowl and shell) above the arm.

8.Finally, install the decorative cover (that is, the cover on the base), and then turn on the test power supply to see if the chandelier starts normally.